Avoiding Gambling Addiction

Thinking that a win is around the corner you may want to stake a bit more every time. It is until you realize that you have hit the rock bottom with not a single penny left with you. The addiction is such that it pushes you deeper and deeper into the well of debt. You need to try the highest payout casino games to find the best casino game, which be your favorite game. If you answer positively to any of the questions below, you are likely to be dependent upon gambling as your ultimate resort to bail you out of a crisis.

  • Did you ever gamble to pay debts?
  • Do you stake the last penny with you?
  • Do you borrow for gambling?
  • Have you sold anything to get money for gambling?
  • Do you become reluctant to use ‘gambling money’ for regular expenses?

The only solution viable to you is to approach an impartial consumer credit counseling service. Future of your finances may be taken care of. There are several options open to you but all of them do not provide long term support.

  • Gamblers Anonymous:
  • This organization may help you recover, make simpler budgets for you and advise you on contracting creditors. Visit GA website.

  • Debt Consolidation:
  • it would feel nice if you could pay off several small debts with one large loan but experts warn that more cash may take you back to gambling.

  • Bankruptcy:
  • It’s the last resort. You won’t be able to file for the next seven years so it’s truly an emergency option.

The citizens Advise Bureau (CAB) report says that 58% of the clients do not have any money to pay of personal debts. The CAB deals with a staggering 7241 new debt problems each day.

Money management experts are trained to help you in such a time of crisis. Counselors help analyze finance, provide different options and give you a focused plan. Regular meetings helps your plans get updated according to situations thus keeping you on track.

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